Jul 28, 2006

Back to those green green school days

Ok this is going to be short.. for a few reasons:

1. This post is a warming-up post for me to eventually, hopefully, pick-up the habit of blogging back again;

2. I'm really lacking of ideas to write a new post..This post is simply a promise granted to my two little new readers Farah and Dani as I've promised them to show some 'good' pictures during our recent geological field trip in East Malaysia.;

3. Student's life: study comes first---- yup LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I'm now officially a master student of Petroleum Geoscience of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS.. Being one of the first batch students, the responsibility of benchmarking the standard is SO critical..(c'mon for God's sake, kill me please...)..so, in other words, less blogging and mumbling..;

4. 'Short' is a promise to myself for not to start mumbling with my mouthful of sentimental stuff... although I know the definition of 'short' is kinda uncertain so far..

5. My new laptop cannot enter the photobucket website.. and this is frustrating since all my blog's pictures are uploaded from photobucket.. no photobucket, I feel like loosing a tool; no tool, no fine work. ..;

...and the last reason, 6.. this post is going to be short cuz I only have SIX reasons to get excused.

I'll be back with more serious and not-so-playful post.

ps... the pictures loaded here were taken during we had our lunch break at Tanjung Layang-Layang, Labuan on the 4th day of our geological field trip. .. and they are not uploaded via PHOTOBUCKET (damn!).

pss.. to Farah and Dani, imagine what will this post turn into if I loaded all the outcrops and fossils and rocks into this post.. hehe, so better don't, right?