Oct 25, 2008

When I looked up.

Dear master Spider(ai)man,

I've never thought that I would have finally decided to voice up and talk to you like this after the slow talk we had the other day.

I understand your good intention to soak me in detergent for like, 3 days, after your trip to Brinchang-Irau; but hey, 'sorry doesn't cure' -- have you ever heard about this? I mean, din you think of how I would feel when you decided to wear me and start off your another expedition to that misty-muddy-mushy mountain?

I'm still bearing that putrid smell of those mud and humus, and I think the stain I got all over my body is just like the bad memory I had in Irau Mountain -- it never-ever-ever-ever fades away.

Dear master,
I admire you to be someone who really enjoy your life, and I'm so glad to accompany you whenever you go out there for your adventurous expedition -- BUT hey, this time? Uh-uh...

Try to recall what the rest of your comrades wear during this particular expedition.

I know you were surprised to know that Zana and Amie were NOT wearing their newly bought New-Balance trail running shoe (my clan) for this expedition, but when I looked up to you, I saw you smirked at their siliness of being over protective to their new shoe..

Then, I know you were again shocked to see Ika only wearing a pair of 'Cicak' sandals with socks, but when I looked up, I saw you amazed at her decision for not behaving like somebody who used to climb up the same mountain and managed to give advice..

.. and remember what your Hanuman buddy Daus wore during the climb? He wore only sandals, and when I looked up, I saw you, again, being quite not-believing but pretended you understood -- you just thought that Daus'd never got his time to do some proper packing.

..But, my dear Master, what if they chose to wear 'those shoe' on purpose? What if they were simply not as silly or ignorance as you thought, but they chose to wear like 'THAT' for a reason that they just don't want to damage/ ruin/ dirty their "FAVORITE SHOE"?

AND, please, remember what happened to their shoe later? Daus broke his sandals, and he could simply throw them away; Amie straightaway dumped her white-turn-brown running shoe (poor him -- i think he was a Nike, right?) ;and Azwa, she decided to climb down barefooted -- I was not sure whether she did not want her Nike flip-flop soaked in mud, or she just felt the flip-flop was not helping much to climb up and down..

..but my point is -- LOOK AT THEIR PLANS. I know you are such a use-and-dump type of guy, so -tThroughout the climb I looked up to you and prayed and hoped that you realized this: You can't never ever ever ever dump me like they did to their shoes because it is unfair to me.

-- You just can't use-and-dump me because I was only the victim of your failure to plan. Right? (and of course right until this moment I'm so relieved to see you trying hard to make me clean back, eventhough I don't think I would be as shinny as I was before..)

Anyway, I still wanted to thank you for trying so hard to avoid all the muddy paths or mushy trails during the climb. In fact, I truly respect three of you -- Ika, Daus and you -- for putting that efforts and insisted to keep yourselves 'as clean as possible'. I did not realize how much effort you guys took until I saw the rest of your comrades -- all of them -- got their whole lower body stained with muds! (Gosh!! How can they do that to their Mr Shoe and Mr Pants??!!).

.. and please help me to express my solute to Ika. YES I expected you and Daus would jump here and there and do whatever two monkeys will do in order to avoid all those mud and mush.. but hey din you see Ika was actually doing that as well??!! The only difference was she did it in a more graceful way, COMPARATIVELY -- you know what I mean, monkey!

And to all you other comrades as well. When I looked up to you guys, I saw tired faces shone with satisfaction and great happiness, and I know you guys really enjoyed the climb, eventhough Gunung Irau is comparatively mental challenging and erm.. dirty... :p

Love you always,
Bumblebee790, your loyal trail-running shoe

ps.. You guys call yoursleves KOMA or what?

pss.. I know you'll be reading this when you are in Dubai/South Africa or wherever it is with your Nike-Gundamman... but you've just brought him to Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany last August, and NOW you're bringing him travel further to South Africa --

-- let's straight up, my dear Master, why don't you consider bringing me to somewhere oversea like Houston or wherever in this world, instead of letting me doing all the local job? I'm seeing some unfair treatments here -- you know what I mean, right? I always look up to you as a wise and good master, so... you know what I mean really, right?

Oct 17, 2008

one tree. hill.

Can I make this post to be considered as an update?

This morning I walked out from apartment and looked up to a tree. It was about 6:45 in the morning, I smiled.

Life has been draining my passion and my motivation out lately, but it was then a tree that reminded me something I should cheer of --

My plan -- our plan -- tonight.

After the one-month fasting of any outdoor activities, tonight I'm going to approach a hill, and then to climb and hike up,
and then to absorb all his energy,
and then to refresh all my spirit,
and then to rejuvenate every single cells in my body,
and then to shout away all my boredom of my life,
and then to laugh out loud -- all my lungs out,
and then .......

I just couldn't wait, even though I'm still in my office facing the PC...

Can I make this post to be considered as an update?

Well let's consider it as a trailer, for the upcoming another exciting cycle of my life.

Let's hope so.

Oct 5, 2008

We turn lEft.

He used to be a man who only turns left, until one year ago, he approached a wishing well in the village.

The well is called emptiness, sitting in the corner of the village. The well can grant you whatever you wished for, with a trade of happiness.

That's what happened to the man who only turned left. He's now a man who can move normally after he made a wish one year back in front of the well, but he realized that he's not as happy as he was a year ago.

He approached the well again. "So you regretted?" Emptiness asked the man.

The man nodded. "Tell me why."

"My wife is leaving me.. and I'm not as happy as I was.."

"..and why is that?"

"I don't know what happened.. it's like when I could only turn left, everything was so precious for me.. I kissed my wife every time before I left my house, I greeted every people I met along the way, I praised every flower I saw at every corner -- because I knew I only could see them again after many times of turning left..."

".. and then what happened now? You can easily turn right and hug your wife if you miss her, you can easily turn right and smile at your friends, and you can easily turn right and pick up the flower you like -- this is what you wished for, no?" Emptiness sounded confused.

".. I thought so, but not really.."

".. because those things do not worth of a turning-back to appreciate?"

".. no. Because I don't appreciate them anymore when I know I can always turn right and turn back.."

"So you want your happiness back? It's going to make you back to abnormal -- you'll only turn left like days before -- are you sure?"

"We find happiness when we appreciate things around us, we'll always feel happy when we are grateful for things around us, right?"

"If you'd choose to be abnormal rather than to be convenient, then go, son, turn lEft, your wife is waiting for you at the next corner.." Emptiness did not want the conversation to continue. Something piercingly painful inside him.

We'll always feel happy when we are grateful for things around? Great. Emptiness thought to himself, isn't it sucking happiness from people make me gain happiness easily? Emptiness smirked, but at the same time his tears dropped down.


'We turn lEft' footnote...

1. Welcome to the new theme of my little 'lEft nothing behind' blog --"We turn lEft"!! It doesn't have any significance philosophy behind this new theme (so.. don't worry!) , it's just for the sake of renewing my little space of blogging and renewing my view towards life (after the great self-discovering journey in Europe, perhaps? *gigle*) ..

2. The idea of the story of 'a man who only turns left' appeared in the midst of insomnia last night, and I actually tried 'only turn left' in my jog early this morning -- and you bet, it's terribly hard to get used to... hmmm...

3. I actually wanted too, to call for any other stories of 'a man who only turns left' from my fellow bloggers/ readers -- if you have thought of an interesting one, feel free to share it ok? It's going to be a very interesting thinking process to draft out the story of 'a man who only turns left' -- and I wished I could setup a competition with great prizes, but unfortunately I have no sponsors.. hehehe.. just, for the sake of sharing creativity and imaginations, give it a try, won't you? TQ.