Jun 27, 2006

Jiwang philosophy

I deleted 'Welcome to CP13', a new blog's post that I recently composed in rememberance of my first eco-game marshaling job in Nomad Adventure's Eco-XCapade at Hulu Langat.

Why? cuz' suddenly I really agreed to what Eja told me.. my blog entries-- jiwang karat la~~

When I looked back what I've written in 'Welcome to CP13', I knew that was simply too-too, too much sentimental; likewise, I wasn't very proud of my previous post 'Let the colors tell the story..' when I realized that there was just overfilled with rust of jiwang..

..and I decided not to put any pictures in this blog just because of the same reason/same worry.. Pictures, for me, sometimes helplessly triggered the sense of being sentimental in me..

Hence this is my first time to delete a blog's post of mine; it's my first time to not have any pictures in my blog's entry..; and it's my first time to confront my severe jiwang karat syndrome.

...ah BTW, a footnote about jiwang philosophy before I end babbling:

Cambridge Dictionary defines sentimental as "...strongly influenced by emotional feelings, rather than careful thought and judgment based on facts.."

So....one question... have you ever seen man with testosterone getting so emotional-connected and really go out of norm and go crazy for something?


That's a solid and undeniable proof, that shows man or mamat, going SO SO SO---SO sentimental about something that we are passionate about.

...and it's globally. :>

Jun 6, 2006

Let the colors tell the story...

Apparently, Malacca's historical value has blanketed its color.

Malacca is not famed with its color or colorfulness. .. erm, put this in another word, Malacca is not colorful enough, but, a trip to Malacca made me believed that, it IS a traveller's excitement that extracts colors of this historic city, outshines under the sunny and glorious sky.

Fiza took a piture of three of us posing in front of the red wall of Studthuys. Well, here's the issue: if she did not intentionally snap the picture in the way she just did, then trust me for God's sake, Fiza must be bearing a hidden gem-like artistic vision.

She captured the picture right straight, perpendicular to us and the wall. Meaning? The red color of Stadthuys' wall was purely absorbed, no toned-up nor toned-down due to different angles and and sun light.

I had no idea why I was so hyped-up by her work with just a simple click on the button (according to her..), but all my inspirations about the color of Malacca were just triggered after seeing the picture.

And you know what? Right this moment a name just crossed my mind: Vincent Van Gogh. I do not know much about this most controversial artist and his masterpieces, but I do know one true thing about him, that his works demonstrated his personality and his mentality.

Like wise, the simple straight forward picture demonstrated the way Fiza treats her simple life: SIMPLICITY. She did not think about the angles she did not think about the posing she did not think about the brightness, she just simply click the camera to shoot the picture; just like what she is, she doesn't think about... hmmm... too much.. (smile..),

she just loves.

Sue finally turned her 'not-so-on-for-vacation' mood into the vibes that made she swung happily and cheery when four of us arrived Malacca from Port Dickson. She was like a bird, a pink bird to be exact, dancing and singing and swinging freely and blissfully, in the middle of Malacca's reddish road.

OF COURSE she was in pink. Well, we should have a song for her that sounds 'Pinky Sue wears a pinky suit, dancing in the rain in her pinky boots...' ...yeah, at least something like that... but one thing for sure, this girl, she got flare.

She likes to pose she likes to be in photos she enjoys admiration she turns people's head while walking on the street..... normally, this KIND of girl is so much predictable for a guy, but what comes to my surprise is, Sue's not.

Sue works HELL hard as if she is so ugly and useless that only 'working-hard' is her only quality to get her survive; Sue laughed her modelling opportunity off and continued to get herself inspired by Donald Trump and Dan Brown instead of Amber Chia or Tyra Banks; Sue sometimes late just because of works or meetings, not putting on her make-up nor picking which shirt to wear; ...

Sue sang 'Happy Together' in such a not-so-happy tone that confused me to think of whether there is really a not-so-happy thing inside her or just simply a not-so-precise pitching stuck on her voice (smile..)...

.... but that's Sue, the pinky Sue. Not eye-piercing red not pale white but is a mixture of both exciting red and ingenuous white.

Do not expect any story of my first visit to Malacca (I know that sounds unbelievable, after 25 years staying in Malaysia..) in this entry... I'm not good in describing wonderfulness. Malacca is certainly a nice place to visit, and I prefer to let the brown walls of A'famosa tell you their story, let the red bricks of Stadthuys tell you their story, let the white statue of of St Paul tells you his story, let the clear blue sky of Malacca tells you their story...

ps... to Yahya my buddy, I'm NOT running out of idea to talk about you.. this lengthy story full of sentimental touch is dedicated to ladies only.. I can give put some testosterone into my next entry if you want, just to hope that it won't turn into the rugged and brutal look that you posed in most of our pictures in Malacca.