May 20, 2006

Saving Balinese Family

Wayan, Made, Komang and Ketut.. these names were so commonly heard right after the question "What is your name?" or "Siape name?" when we tried to make friends with the local in Bali. It was confusing at first cuz we, somehow, thought that, these names are the only options for Balinese to name their people.

In fact, similar to what we have in our Malay family, Wayan, Made, Komang and Ketut equal to our Along, Angah, Alang and Achik. And sometimes, Wayan is also called Gade; Komang is also called Nyoman; and Ketut, also has an alias.

Simple said: Wayan, Made, Komang and Ketut, these four names stand for one word in Bali:


... and these four names were entirely applied to four Bali loafers that claimed themselves have 'adventurous' as their middle name.

Hence, these four names appeared most of the times in my every blog's entries when I talked about Bali life: the eldest Azwa the Wayan or Azwa Adventurous Wayan, Yahya the Made or Yahys Adventurous Made, Wongey the Komang or Aiman Adventurous Komang, and the youngest Fiza the Ketut or Fiza Adventurous Ketut.

I really do not know how to express my gratitude to these three comrades of mine. They made the journey of loafing in Bali so memorable and .. cool, hmmm..

Yahya the Made and I planned to go Thailand for our next trip. I kinda love this guy cuz strictly saying, he is the only one among my friends who really 'just go!' right after each traveling idea we made.

We both strongly agree, that too much planning and budgeting and hesitating, will only turn all dreams and ideas into rubbish.

"What would you do, if you just ignore all your fear?"

I somehow learnt to appreciate this quote when I realized that I've got too many dreams that eventualy turned into garbages.

Fiza and Azwa are kinda surprise for me. Fiza the Ketut always looks serene but you gotta believe what that there are similarities and differences between serene and clueless. She is humorous, mild-mannered but extreme reactor towards doggies.

Azwa the Wayan, relatively, is an aggresive young lady that actualy is the main drive to get lots of plans moving. Matured but playful, considerate but stubborn, wise but emotional -- Contradiction is Wayan's second name.

I wish to put more words on these three wonderful people, on this wonderful journey, and on this weird Balinese family. However, people will not have patience to read this entry if it is any longer. So allow me to save this post, save this memory, save this journey, save these friends, and save, this Balinese family.

May 13, 2006

Cold mountain

I was awake before the fog clouded over Danau Batur.

It was 5 in the morning. Yahya the Made, Azwa the Wayan and Fiza the Ketut were still sleeping, hugging tight the sweet dream they were having and slidding their tired body deeper into the warm blanket..

5:00 a.m. was freezing -- the temperature of Danau Batur area IS already chilling. I din put on any sweater, for some unknown reasons. Staying frozen in the highland of Bali could be some kind of cool experience, maybe.

I was waiting for a spectacular sunrise, which I was not so sure about. Gunung Batur and Gunung Abang were in front of me, guarding the crater lake, Danau Batur, which was formed after eruption of volcano. It is hard to imagine how a volcano eruption could happen in such a beatiful, peaceful, quiet place.

I believe Danau Batur, or Lake Batur, must be a kind of compensation given by Gods, as an apology after all the catastrophic eruptions happened on this land.

Don't tease me for being sentimental, you must come here and see it, or maybe, feel the gentle but sorry touch of Gods. (..but, 5:00 a.m. ..,ok?)

The fog started to cloud over when it was about 6:30 a.m. Danau Batur was fully covered by a blanket of soft white cloud. Mt Batur laid back into the darkness of the sky, but not Mt Abang. The outline of Mt Abang could be clearly seen, even the silhouette of the trees on the mountain was clear against the sunrise.

But it was freezing still. Sun lights did not penetrate the mountain, neither the warmth.. and out of a sudden, I thought of Cold Mountain, and the opening line of the movie, voice of Nicole Kidman just touched my heart..:

"Dear Mr. Inman, I began by counting the days, then the months. I don't count on anything anymore except the hope that you will return, and the silent fear that in the years since we saw each other, this war, this awful war, will have changed us both beyond all reckoning. "

As touching as the story, some warm-hearted feeling and some appreciation seeped into my heart. I know I've been sentimental in this post, that happened when some precious memory slipped in, about the journey in Bali, about the journey in life.

May 6, 2006

When the Henna fades, the journey ends..

To get ourselves really looked like a bunch of cool, wild, those kinda kick-over-the-traces naughty guys when we were loafing in Bali, on the very 1st morning of our days in Bali, we got ourselves tattoed...

...but since deep inside four of us are still those kinda kindhearted, well-behaved, gentle 'angel-like' species, we only got that ready-to-fade Henna 'tattoed' on our easy-to-cover body part.

I know, some of y'all will say I'm kinda nerd... ...whatever.. (btw, I'm not..) ..there we go...

...we got our 'tattoo' in Kuta Beach with 50,000RP each.. (we then realised that we could even get one with much much cheaper RP..). Azwa The Wayan got a complicated fine-worked little butterfly on the back of her hand; Yahya The Made and Fiza The Ketut got theirs same pattern on same right arm as a...erm.. kinda declaration of love..; and me The Komang, had a real cool striking flare tattoed on none other than a lefty's left arm.

And guess what, after that we couldn't even fathom out how much infatuated we were with our Henna..

I mean at least for me, getting a real tattoo is always something I realy dream for.. Not only cuz' of the art, but also the spirit and the significance..

My Ibanese family once told me, Ibanese got their body tattooed when they started on a spiritual quest by traveling to the other land. I was so thrilled by this romantic story.. and right now right on the land of Bali island, suddenly I felt the mysterious 'spiritual quest' was right ahead of me..

But then, another significance of having a tattoo is the experience of getting disobidient.

I don't really know how did this feeling come to my head, but when you realise that life is conquered by tons of rules, disobidience sometimes make you feel lots better.

...while 'HE HAS TATTOO' always equals to 'HE IS A BAD GUY' in my conservative backyard, shouting 'SO-WHAT??!!!' back to all those blimpish old-fashioned rule-setter is always one of the coolest thing to do, bukan ke gitu?

...but.., still, pathetic enough, what I got was a Henna, the fake tattoo that will fade in 2 weeks time.. wasn't that a sign indicating the truth of '...AND STILL, YOU HAVE TO COME TO MY WORLD OF RULES...'???

'When Henna fades, the journey ends... ' I wrote this in my travelogue when I saw the fading flare on my left arm, in Jakarta, after my unforgettable trip in Bali.

May 2, 2006

Rebirth... to reality..

I thought I'm quite well disciplined but the hiatus happened in my very own blog indicates failure of my consistency, or my self-discipline.

Sorry for the hiatus.. I need to apologize after realising there are actually some readers out there waiting patiently for my posts.. and that really came to my real big surprise..

.... I put 'Rebirth... to reality' as this post's title for some reasons..

First, when u just entered the age of 25 --ok that was an optimistic way of saying that-- i should say, when u just finished your 2nd round of 12-year-circle and realizing u did nothing in your life, the hope for getting REBIRTH is a real desperate one...

..but that is not my main issue anyway~~~

My concern here is my second reason: REALITY...

After having a real unforgettable days in Bali, and after coming back to my routine to my work to my life, the word 'Reality' is such a pathetic reality to me...

Bali, is such a paradise..

...and as i failed to share the story of my trip to Phuket early this year due to various reasons (..or excuses, whatever u want..) .. Bali will be certainly my next post's story.

This I promise u.