Mar 27, 2010

split|ting me...

Man: "..I think I failed... I even lost something I didn't expect initially..."

Spider: "I think I did worse... been working so hard but I am just plain inefficient.. what did you lose by the way?"

lEfty: "..He lost his ability to share how he feels.. all his words gone.. sigh.... why is everything getting tougher as we thought it'll be going fine? I lost my heart in the middle of my task, and I couldn't find it now.... "

Me: ".. perhaps we are wrong... it's a mistake for us to be splitted and then we become companions for each other among us.... like this ...."


Mar 5, 2010

How wrong am I?

Hiatus. I apologize.

I wrote and saved so many drafts since the start of 2010, but none of them will fit enough to describe what's wrong (or what's not-wrong) with a blogging me, or a living me..

... hence those drafts stay draft, like the wrong me stays wrong..

How wrong am I as per date?

I see sounds. Yup, THAT wrong.

I can't tell you how terrible the feeling is when 'seeing' sounds moving around like drawing blocks, or even worse, plywoods. For example you'll wonder why that piece of sound do not have transparent background so that when overlapping in front of another piece of sound (or plywood in this case) we still can see what's going on with the plywood behind.

Then you'll start getting fuzzy and try every means to move the plywood behind to front like what we do to the graphic arrangement on Microsoft Powerpoint or any other visual software on computer; and then you'll find out the same issue happening to the second plywood and then you'll start shifting it to behind again or closer to each other hoping that they will blend together and then you'll get frustrated and then you knock the plywoods and try side-by-side arrangement and then you concluded they really can't blend his way so you retry by tilting them at various angle, orientating them or maybe upside-down and you try again by shifting them, front to end, side by side... --- oh yeah by the way that's only for 2 'plywoods', don't get me started with more sounds here.

So you tell me, how wrong am I? I know, sounds -- but that's not the problem, I think. Do you still keep the memory of coloring when you were young? What do you feel when you do coloring and there's a little area just can't stick with any color you try to put on? I used to see a crocodile hiding in that little area, eating up all my colors within his territory.

The world change when our vision towards a picture collapses -- that's how wrong I am, now.

1. STOP trying to interpret this post if you don't have the coloring memory.
2. STOP trying to interpret this post if you don't believe the power of vision.
3. STOP trying to interpret this post as this post might be another draft that I'll save forever...