Dec 25, 2006

When you believe. -- a letter to Prof. Rudy

Dear Prof. Rudy,


I'm writing this to u after knowing that u actually expressed ur dissappointment towards the not-up-to-100% attitude of us in learning during the final lecture of u. I apologize about that. Sorry sir I just have to admit that, I'm one of those who not giving 100% commitment to ur lecture.

I know skipping lectures is certainly not a good attitude for learning, and I just did, even worse, skipping 2 days of lectures, for a silly reason like climbing up to 4095.2m height and then coming back down.

...but that's what being young and dangerous means, I guess... :>

Remember the small talk between us about Crocker Formation? U said that u believe there are karst holes lie beneath the islands around Mt Kinabalu, like the 'Blue-holes' lie beneath the Bahamas Island -- and then u added that not many people knowing that and only those who held this belief think of exploring and discovering it.

U know what? That remarks impressed me. Yes u're right sir, it is the 'BELIEF' that pushes us to keep on discovering and exploring -- our life, our dream, our world, and ourselves.

... even though sometimes, we need to sacrifice, like skipping 2 days' lectures of carbonate sedimentology. :p

(..and I guess that explained why I decided to set off the journey..)...

I know u were a diver when u were young. So I guess you'll know what's the feeling like at every descent u made downward to the bottom of the sea -- like wise, my journey of climbing-up bears the same significances -- we learn at every stage we are, and we surprised when things around started to change everytime we decide to move on.

I'm not going to share what I'd perceived in this journey of climbing up to the top roof of Southeast Asia. It was like diving right into a secret garden under the sea, and then when you ascend back to the sea surface, you'll just let the feeling of thrilled overwhelming you for a moment, without saying any words -- I know you'll agree with me, cuz u were once a young and dangerous adventurer too who learn from our quest of discovering and exploring.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Merci. A Bientot.


Dec 20, 2006

Gambate no, opa-sang!

We all believe that there's always something mystical about mountain. Too many stories and legends about the existence of Gods and Spirits of mountain made people treat mountains respectfully and worshipfully.

This Japanese Opa-sang was dancing and singing in front of me when I was walking alone, trying hardly and tiredly, to get myself every inch closer to Laban Rata where we all would finally have a good rest before pushing ourselves towards the summit of Mt Kinabalu.

I overtook her and she greeted me, with a sunny smile, "slowly, no tired", she said to me, then continued with her humming and dancing.

....and out of all a sudden I was amazed -- no she is not any goddess or angels that fell from heaven -- I felt like I caught a sudden grasp but I didn't figure it out.

The second time I met her, I was exhausted and taking my rest at a point a few meters off from where I first met her. I heard she humming her Japanese song. This time, I walked by her and chatted with her. She told me stories about her hometown Kyoto and her passion for mountain climbing. I stared at her grey hair and a feeling of respect wholly smeared into my heart. At that moment, I knew that I've solved THAT mysterious puzzle in my mind...

I tapped her shoulder and said, "slowly, no tired", it was like answering my own question.

She smiled, "slowly, no tired", in her typical Japenese slang.

"Gambate no," I think this Japanese word was used perfectly in such a timing.

"Arigato gozaimatzu," with her sunny and mercy smile.

I left her. I felt no more tired and exhausted. Meeting this Opa-sang had made me reset my pace. I took out my camera and started to look around. I couldn't imagine how many wonderful things I'd missed before this. Why rushing? Slowly, no tired, and there's so much wonderful things just around me.

Just slow down my pace and enjoy everything that surrounded me, all the huffing and puffing, what for?

We all believe that there's always something mystical about mountains. Too many stories and legends about the existence of Gods and Spirits of mountain made people treat mountains respectfully and worshipfully, but sometimes, we respect mountains because we learn from mountains. The meditation that took place in the heart of a mountain, or the journey climbing up a mountain, people learn from mountains, to be able to see things again after being blinded, and to reset our pace after being rushed.

Dec 17, 2006

KL has just got TOOOooo many staircases..

This post, if finaly published, it would be an intro.

I'm here in KL, after a great journey of my life in Sabah. My hp is out of order, partly due to the journey, hence I need to get it repaired before going back to my plate tectonic and sequence stratigraphy's notes. My point is, I didn't actualy get a rest after the tiring journey -- 4095.2m height of climbing, and then coming down (that seriously counts), early flight right next day, and it was Air Asia (ooh that seriously undeniably counts..), then I started my another journey of 'saving private Sony' in KL..

My point of all my points is, I'm so damn tired. Pain on my calves and thights remind me on how 'de-energized' I am, but yet it also remind me on how proud I am to reach the top peak of Malaysia.

Well I certainly have a lot of stories to tell, as I mentioned earlier this is just an intro. A wise intro should be served as a perfect appetizer. I hope this one would not be too far from that standard.

Oh yeah BTW, pain on my calves and thights got me realized something while walking in KL -- It's not that I'm becoming staircasephobic after Mt. KK -- KL has just got too many staircases..

Dec 11, 2006

Part of it: PGCE.2006

I know I should've posted an entry bout PGCE.2006 before the thing becomes expired like today, but trust me, I have drafted something bout it but busy days delayed everything and there's another reason that held me back...--

--what I drafted was somehow experimental for my blogging style --

--I put all the SMS's, emails and YahooMessenger's conversations together, to sort of complete the puzzle of the whole story about "How I finally got a chance to finally joinned back PGCE's committee after quiting it for my Master programme".. and "How weird things happened and how I finally pissed-off and decided to skip one class and stay with PGCE's family"...

However, as what I said, the composition was rather experimental and I just afraid those who read it won't get any clue of what I'm trying to say -- and it would be the longest post I've ever had if it was finally posted -- nobody will have the patience to read all the sms's and emails and messages between somebody else and some-other-body else, those are simply crapping!

Anyway, people like to look at pictures.. I believe Aza who said she couldn't wait to read my entry about PGCE was actually saying that she couldn't see her pictures during PGCE appeared in my blog.. (eh-hem..) .. So.. I got a little Tabblo with the pictures of our celebration after PGCE.2006 to cater the appetite of all picture lovers.

Sorry for those who really want to read something bout PGCE, but is there any allien like this out there? I doubt it....