Jan 26, 2006

Grey's anatomy: real life comes in shades of grey ..(II)

"I mean, seriously. Don't be fooled by all the hot shoes and the great sex and the no parents anywhere telling you what to do. Adulthood is responsibility. "

That was Grey's narration at the beginning of season one's Grey's Anatomy, episode 5: Shake Your Groove Thing. ..and the episode, really smeared some kind of feeling of invoked and touched, deep inside of me..

I still remember the day I cut my finger and was sent to a hospital in Bintulu, Sarawak. It was a government hospital and patients were asked to wait for treatment according to the urgency of the case. So as for my case, a tiny wound which needed 6 stitches, was considered 'less urgent' and I deserved a long wait after cleaning and sterilizing my cut.

Then a young man involved in a car accident was rushed into the hospital on a gurney. The wounded, hell bloody, shouting and crying, and his friends begging in tears, explaining what had happened to their friend to nurses and doctor -- the scenario, all and all, indicated there was a 'high urgency' case that demanding immediate treatment.

But, surprisingly, none of the personnel did that.

Yeah, my first thought after observing this was exactly the same to what comes into your mind at this moment: "what da shit hell these people are doing???"

..but then I heard something that really shocked me and, to certain extent, changed my perspective to a word that I've known it for such a long time, but now I was about to start to feel and realize it:


We know good enough that everybody, which including ourselves, has their own responsibilities, but when things happens, we only see other people's.

Like the case I saw in the hospital, I thought nurses and doctors were those holding full responsibilities to stop the wounded from suffering.. until a nurse shouted at the crying young man, in Iban language, which meant something like "it's your own pain, you caused it by yourself."

Suffering from our own pain, bearing our own mistake, crying on our own fault, feeling heart-torn about our regret...all, are our own responsibilities. She was right.

That was why personnel in the hospital acted 'not efficient enough', .... so that he could feel his pain, he could suffer from his mistake, before he really got treated surgically.

Well, things are sometime not mercy enough. Life isn't about a fairy tale.

Helps and cares sometime do not show up instant enough, because so-called 'after-treatment appreciation' is always the most valuable, where we really learn to be more matured, learn to be more considerate, and learn to be more responsible.

..but, if you are thinking that I am giving alibi or excuses, I will only say, that it is the perspective that matters. The bottom line is, don't blame any other people.

Ey, hoping someone will understand.
25 Jan 2006... 1829hrs.. hometown.

Jan 24, 2006

Grey's anatomy: real life comes in shades of grey ..(I)

I was surprised when seeing Sandra Oh of Grey's Anatomy won The Best Supposting Actress for the series in 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards. In fact, I'd never thought of seeing 'Grey's Anatomy' listed in any winners' list in any categories.. ..

Not to say that Grey's Anatomy is a poor production for me that it does not deserve to win any prizes... Instead, I am addicted to the series, so much, more than Smallville and Lost. But what came to my surprise was, that Grey's Anatomy is, for me, a close-to-heart story that you'd never expect it will be put under the limelight, on a grand stage one day.

....the feeling is just like a little toy that you are very fond of, is actually a pearl or somekind of treasure which u did not expect..

......."Grey's Anatomy focuses on young people struggling to be doctors and doctors struggling to stay human. It's the drama and intensity of medical training mixed with the funny, sexy, painful lives of interns who are about to discover that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white.."...

My buddy Pesal introduced the series to me, and after that I knew why a pious rocker like him can be so addicted to the show as well.

The show is all about life.. where our faith, our responsibilities, our dilemma, our emotions, our steps when facing the morass of life, and our relationships with people around us, were all put together.. .. and the more you wish to deal with it wisely, the more you'll discover, that life is not about right or wrong, black and white. Real life comes in shades of grey.

eY, feeling to write something inspired by Grey's Anatomy; 24 Jan 2006.. 1353hrs, office

ps.. Grey's Anatomy is curently on air every wednesday 11:00pm on TV3.

Jan 18, 2006

When clapperboard claps..: My 1st filming experience

Yasmin Ahmad's blog always gives me some insight of producing a film. Besides, I read Christopher Doyle's hand-notes in filming, go through the ups and downs of Peter Jackson in producing King Kong, search the stories behind the scene of some of my favourite movies...

....and i couldnt believe, that I got a hands-on experience on filming one day..

There was a meeting this morning that actually evoked the memories and passion toward my very 1st filming experience.. In fact, the meeting was about producing another video presentation requested by our senior, after our previous video made a surprising debut to our senior during our company's Hari Raya celebration.

I wouldn't say that the Hari Raya advertisement that we've produced was a real masterpiece... for God's sake, that wouldnt be assumed any better than American Funniest Home Video .. but i do believe that it was the effort and passion and, yup, the heart, young hearts, that surprised and excited our seniors .

So glad to meet people like Azlan, Abang Fariz and Roy. U know when producing a film is such a far-away dream for me, they showed me how close my dream is by just having a Panasonic cikai handycam.. (sorry i use cikai...)..

...but, yeah as i said, it was the heart that made things valuable. ...

....and not to forget the ideas and the skills of putting our storyline into a video..

I was, indeed, surprised when the team know so much about directing and producing a film. Cuz before that, I thought with Yasmin Ahmad, Christopher Doyle, Wong Ka-Wai, Ron Howard and even Peter Jackson as my sifu, I needed to worry about all those stuff, which is a totally rocket science for me actually...

... ...but the team's knowlege and capabilities got me so embarrased about my arrogance..true.. .. and right from that moment on, I put myself in a roustabout position, which allowed me to really really, really learn from my real life sifu.

There was a gang of fun people I was working with beside my trio sifu.
Zul, Yahys, SJ, Tini, Aza, Lai, Amie and Abeh Weh...having them in the production team simply meant having tonz of tonz of tonz of fun in the working process.. ..

Abeh Weh and Amie were the main characters in the video while the rest, helped here and there, and played those no-name Mr A, Mr B, Madam Q and Miss XYZ.. ...

I made the clapperboard for the production.. it was, again, as cikai as it could be...( it was actually a writting board with some clapperboard design on it..) .. and i do still remember what i wrote on that:


well i know, that sounds stupid enough, but.. as a dedication to Yasmin Ahmad, why not?... i mean, our heart..

eY, looking forward to our next video
17 Jan, 06 .. 2017hrs, in a chilling office.

*XCITE: Young Executives Club of my department in PETRONAS.

Jan 15, 2006

One quiet afternoon...

I like rainy days, but I have an unexplainable addiction to sunny afternoon.. seeing the light shining thru the window, projecting shadow of leaves, fur of kitten, maybe dust, together with other tiny no name stuff, flying, and dancing, and wandering in the ray of sun light....

Perhaps a smooth breeze might shiver the leaves, disturb the dancing, but yet,

everything is still so quiet, and lonely.. ....

I used to read my buddy's* and Yasmin Ahmad's** blog in most of the quite afternoons.. the time when i'm feeling lazy, relax, and calm. Going thru somebody else's story is such a peace of mind for me... i wonder what the reasons would explain this... erm.. perhaps, reading and listening to stories, was the way I was brought up by my mum... she is always the best story teller of my life..

Pics posted here, for me, described the best, how would a quiet afternoon feel like... in fact, i took the pics during my work on an oil rig....yeah u're probably right, in a quiet afternoon. ..

Believe me, when u're surrounded by blues of ocean, what calm, quiet, and alone mean to you, are definitely, coming from the deepest of ur heart..

That's why i enjoy diving, I guess...although by far, the activity realy, really.. i mean REALLY.., cost me a lot... ( ;>)

Yeah probably i would share my diving adventures in the blog spot.. showing piczz, telling my stories... ask anyone of my friends they would probably tell u the same thing, i like to tell stories, besides listening stories.. Well that's ..erm..a blog spot's function i guess, to help someone that cant help to be quite enough to keep all his stories of life..

Till next time..

eY, celebrating his 1st born blogspot.
15th Jan, 06..1539hrs, a quiet afternoon.

* My buddy, Ewad (E-what), a prospect for Malaysian's very 1st astronaut. He promised not to be forgetful in term of his friends, his country, and perhaps..his planet, when he wander around the space one day..

**YasminAhmad, Malaysian well-known female director, some might term her as a controversial film maker, but i say she is one of a respectable dream maker..