Mar 20, 2008

5W1H on our BIGGIE

I call it a BIGGIE. Look it up in your dictionary in case you don't know what a BIGGIE means, and this post will help you to relate what I'm about to say.

Because I have more questions to answer.

1. WHAT?
- If you're asking what's it all about or what's the big deal? click here.
- If you're asking what does it mean to me? Hey that's a stupid question I guess.
- If you're asking what is this post about? Well you just need to read on.

2. WHEN?
- At the beginning of this year I received 'the calling';
- Few days before Chinese New Year I determined;
- Mid of March I'm already in;
- August to realize.

3. WHO?
- I used to talk to FLO the ULAM panel about this as she's already there;
- Then Tuhox Hassan wanted to join. I believe we can be a good team to work the plan out because he cooks well (?)
- .... whatever it is, Hassan pulled out from the plan.
- I felt like I'm Frodo Baggins in LOTR, and when I was about to embark my journey alone, I've been joined by three knights (well I don't want to decide who's which..and you knw why..)..
- And I think this is the best team I've never expected to work this dream out..
- .. the three knights are: Fariz my big brother and his wife Shahrina, plus Amir another cool guy with 'adventure' and 'lame joker' as his middle name..

- Lets be straight up. Here's the initially planned route: Germany - Austria - Czech Republic - Italy.
- However the route had been changed to: Italy - Czech Republic - Austria - Germany. Reason? Cheaper and good timing.

5. WHY?
- Why Germany? I just couldn't resist her mysterious history of Nazi. Besides Hitler, I was so much attracted by my 2nd favourite manga: MONSTERS by Naoki Urasawa.
- Why Austria? Because Vienna. Why Vienna? No, not because of Euro 2008, but the song Vienna sang by The Fray, and also, of course, The Sound Of Music.
- Why Czech Republic? C'mon dude, never heard of Prague?
- Why Italy? Hmm... to make it a four-stops tour, boleh tak?
- Why not the rest nations of Western Europe? Because I prefer Eastern Europe. Western Europe is for ladies. (.. but I'll go too, one day, God willing..)

6. HOW?
Two words: Our way.
I mean, hey, just look at the team! It's exactly the same band of brothers (Kak Rina is definitely tougher than some of my male friends out there!) which we'll hang out together in jungles, mountains, outskirts, doing camping, rafting, hiking and all stuff like that.
So I guess it's your call to define what 'OUR WAY' here means.

Wish us luck!

Mar 8, 2008

24 hours with a homo sapiens

: I'm still thrilled. Yes I am. Even though I think I'm safe now, with Ana lying beside me, weeping out of happiness. My antenna senses, that I'm back to my familiar ditch, that I'm safe, that my last terrifying yet confusing 24 hours, is gone.

0643hrs: I was on my way to meet Ana, my sweetheart, when he stood beside me and tackled my antenna with a cardboard. I know this a typical Homo Sapiens' behavior, they just love to tease us as a slow and stupid crawling creatures.

0655hrs: I hate Homo Sapiens. We were taught to stay away from them, or we'll die. Hiding inside my shell I just missed my family and Ana, I know I'm not going to see them anymore, cuz' I knew I'm taken away by this Homo Sapiens. I felt my whole body was moving, I didn't think it was just because of my shiver.

0714hrs: I peep from my shell. I feel the mushy ground I was touching, I know that's the container he uses to keep me in, and I see a little plant which I know it was plucked from my ditch, because I can sense the smell. It's the smell of home, and it makes me feel lot more comfortable..

0717hrs: ...wait... is this the feeling called 'fly'? I feel I'm accelerated ahead in an extreme high speed.

0721hrs: The 'flying' stops. But in a very short moment after that I feel I'm 'raising'. I caught a glance where I was brought into a little room and then the raise starts. I try to crawl out from the mushy container but again, I'm touched on my antenna. It makes me shrinks. This Homo Spiens knows very well what I'm sensitive of.

0740hrs: I'm lifted up and separated from the plants while I am hiding in my shell. He takes me out from the mushy container and for the first time I can see clearly what's surrounding me. I see more Homo Sapiens, I see them smiling with weird face expression, that makes me terrified. And I see him. He looks slightly different from the other Homo Sapiens.

I think he got antenna as well.

0800hrs: Few minutes ago I was transfered from the mushy container into the solid this one. Now I'm lying beside the little plant. It is the only thing that assures me. From time to time I feel water dropping on me and the little plant. I just love the moist and the temperature, but I think that the whole environment is too bright for me.

0900hrs: I'm falling asleep. The brightness is simply eye-piercing. I need to hide deep inside my shell.

1330hrs: I shouldn't be so careless! I fell asleep!! Damn it. Anything could happen to me since then! ..and where am I now? The temperature is still cold, the moist is still there, but it's a lot more darker here. Where am I? Where am I?

1547hrs: I can feel the ground is stomping, and I can see his leg coming in and out from my eyesight. But I dun care anymore. I'm so sleepy.

1745hrs: I hear the grumbling sound of 'flying' again. That wakes me up, and I'm in the 'flying' mode again, I remember that. I started to understand the 'flying' is actually a method of moving for Home Sapiens. I think it's the best time for me to escape. I try to crawl out of the solid container, but again, I fail. The Antenna Homo Sapiens seems to be very alert to my every movement. I can even hear him say something to me.. not clear, but sounds like ".. hey Mr Chanel, you're active now...."

Mr Chanel? Who? Me?

2105hrs: Argh I just hate this Antenna Homo Sapiens!! I don't care anymore whether I'm going to die or not.. I just want to have my dinner quietly!! Shit damn it he forces me to be separated from the leaf I'm chewing. I hate him I hate him I hate him!

2115hrs: I'm transferred again. This time on a slippery surface with a big word 'MAP' on it. ..but I just don't care, I need to find my food. I crawl on the slippery surface. Suddenly I see him aiming at me with a big black hole!!

Shit! This is it, this is it!!! This is the tool he's going to use to kill me! God please help me!!

2142hrs: I heard a few times the clicking sound comes from the big black hole of the Antenna Homo Sapiens, I thought I'll die every time the thing clicks. But the fact is, I'm still alive... I'm so frightened as well as confused. When he drag me out of the slippery surface and put me back to the container with the plant, I have no comment. I started to think what's the main purpose of him? I'm confused, I'm confused...

2200hrs: I poo. Shit this is the most embarrassing moment in my life!! I poo in front of a Homo Sapiens!! And I even see him clicking his big black hole on me!! I don't care what's about the big black hole anymore, cuz the fact here is, HEY FUCK OFF!! Don't you see I'm doing something very private?!!??? ..

2300hrs: The light of the world of this Antenna Homo Sapiens turns off. And I kinda feel that this Antenna Homo Sapiens is harmless to me.. although it has been the weirdest experience to me in my life..

0630hrs the next morning: A tremendous quake wakes me up!! I'm shocked and terrified! My world is up-side-down, little plant falls off of the container, I'm still sucking very hard on the surface of the container.. What is this what is this??!!?! The quake is still shaking, hardly and harshly.. I don't think I can hold anymore. Quick enough, I shrink my self into my protective shell, although I'm not sure whether can my shell stand the huge quake...

0640hrs: Ouch!! I fall. I can feel the impact of the falling even though I'm protected by my shell. But almost immediately I sense something familiar. I stretch my antenna slightly out of my shell and try to sense for anything to assure. The moist, the chill, the smell.... I think I'm back.. I get out from the shell and have a quick peep.. I see Ana's ditch across the trail... and..

I see Ana standing right in front of her ditch. Waiting for me.

Note from Spidey aka Antenna Homo Sapiens: pardon me for talking on bahalf of Mr Chanel, the celebrity snail who will carry one of the main role in my upcoming montage project... will tell y'all later if the thing is successfully produced.

Mar 2, 2008


No I do not change my blog layout, neither the colors.

But I've just changed my bed room's setting for the n-th time after moving in this little lovely apartment;

I couldn't help but started to feel wanting to change my ever-loyal Nick'a to something grander;

I'm currently soaking myself inside a pool of busy-ness, simply for the reason of trying to initiate some changes inside my department's young professional club;

I started to think of changing department...;

My friends noticed that I changed my group of people to hang out with recently;

I changed my view on Savvy which I kinda think it might be going to be my option if I ever wanted to buy a car..;

I've changed my mobile number, a whole new one, that made people keep asking why..

I think I've changed my hobby unconsciously -- I've been not photographing for a long-long time..;

....... ...... ......

No, this post is not any 'CHANGE-WE-CAN-BELIEVE-IN'-I'm-with-Barack-Obama post, nor any related to the becoming General Election in this country..

This is only a reflection.

Because I kinda think, with all the changes I triggered, both consciously or unconsciously, it only shows that deep inside me, I am hungry for some changes.

A change maybe. Maybe a name. Maybe a new me.