Oct 13, 2007

Docking of a dream..

Watching the live telecast of Astro from International Space Station (ISS) answered one of my trillion questions regarding living in outer-space -- YES, we can take pictures in outer-space!!!

About 9 minutes before I saw crew in ISS snapping pictures using their compact digital camera and also digital SLRs while waiting for the hatch to be opened, and let their 3 new crew members walk into ISS from Soyuz TMA-11.

One of the new members who newly departed from planet Earth, is Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie.

Soyuz TMA-11 and ISS docked just now, and now I believe the hatch now is the only door separated Dr Sheikh from fulfilling the dream, after blasted-off on 10.10.2007 on 21:21 hours, of living in outer-space.

(00:13hrs Malaysian time. Equalization of pressure between ISS and Soyuz TMA-11 is still going on. Hatch not yet opened.)

Back to the question regarding taking pictures under zero gravity circumstance, I believe digital camera helps. Not sure whether a camera with film can operate properly -- WHY BOTHER? you might have thought so. Just like some of my friends who don't bother to care enough of the programme, and so of them even complaint about this hundred-million-dollar project is actually a waste of money.

But -- --

(0021hrs Malaysian time. I heard a crew saying "WELCOME ON BOARD" -- the hatch has opened!)

-- --but, sorry to say, I was so hyped up on the day of blasting off, and I could feel my heart throbbing when the moment the rocket launched and blasted off from the Earth. I don't care the debate about the rationality of the Angkasawan program, I strongly believe most of us are excited about the program as I am, just because of one reason -- there's still a little kid living inside us.

What else could I say about sending a Malaysian Angkasawan to the outer-space? When I was asked about my ambition when I was 6, I drew a picture of an astronaut and pasted it on the wall in the living hall -- THIS is what I could say about sending a Malaysian Angkasawan to the outer-space.

It's about a dream of every boys, no matter how old he is, the boy is still inside his body, the "flying to the outer space" is still inside his dream.

(0033hrs. The hatch is fully opened. Dr Sheikh entered ISS.)

So to Sue and my baby sister Cheer, I don't blame you all for being cold-eyed to the program, because after all, except for Peggy Whitson and others women astronauts in history, wearing a bulky astronaut suit is something rather far away from being fashionable.

0041hrs.. "Selamat Hari Raya" from Dr Sheikh's father from Roscosmos to ISS....

Oct 7, 2007

See it with fresh eye..

No idea. I have no idea what you're talking about.

I mean there's a mechanism, a mechanism that affects human being's eyesight....erm.. it runs, for example, when they are on the mode which they called 'On Vacation'..

Hmm.. and then?

When they're running the mechanism, they can see things differently, I mean, things become beautiful.

You mean when they have this mechanism run, they see beautiful things?

Erm.. low precision to say that they 'SEE BEAUTIFUL THINGS', sir. It's more like, things they see will become beautiful.

...it's complicated.

Indeed sir. It's complicated for us to understand. I wish I would have more detailed study on it.

What's about the mechanism -- to see ordinary things as extra-ordinary?

Almost a 'Yes', sir. The mechanism is about curiosity, about being enthusiastic, about seeing things with fresh eye..

Tell me more.

I believe curiosity is the most important quality that will lead to the release of hormones like Serotonin, Adrenaline and Endorphin in human's body. These hormones will affect the behavior of one human individual -- they'd become excited, passionate, and creative, and eventually affect the way they see and perceive things around.

...and the 'fresh eye', is that some kind of new lens or what? Oh yeah by the way I just got myself a new lens, 50mm f/1.8.

Good to you sir. But the so-called 'fresh eye' is not a lens. It's a mental state that human being possess. 'Seeing things with fresh eye' is actually a born ability. They are good at it when they are in the 'baby' and 'kids' phase but the 'fresh eye' will be blinded when they grow up.

So what's all these supposed to do with your case study?

I think he has regained his 'fresh eye' after an escapade recently.

Yeah you once told me that he fell into a demoralizing phase after leaving a place called Tronoh to a metropolis. What's up with him recently?

He left K.L., the metropolis, and went sailing in the middle of ocean, where a lot of reflection and rejuvenating took place. And now he's back to the big city, with his 'fresh eye' unfolded, the mechanism's fueling, I believe.

Seeing ordinary things as extra-ordinary? Do you consider the factor of their fasting phase? The human brain activity peaks when they fast. The mental state would affect human being's behavior as well -- is that another point that triggers the mechanism as well?

Maybe, sir. I've never thought of it. Perhaps I should see it as a non-typical case.

You should see it with fresh eye, R-226i.