Apr 29, 2008

It's time to learn standing up when falling down..

Today is the 3rd day after I bought my blue RollerBlade Crossfire, I called this cool guy 'Blu'Elf', How to pronounce it? Make it similar to 'Bluff' , why not?

Because he is so tricky and so confusing. Like a bluff.

He gives you all the excitements like flying , then he caused you fall. He wakes you up with all the pain and embarrassments, from all sorts of day-dream and fantasy.

I think I already fell in love with Blu'Elf, fell in love with sk8ing.. because Blu'Elf, and sk8ing, teaches me, at least at this particular moment, that I just need to stand up when fall down, again and again.

Picture at left: 'Wasabi Koma' sk8ers group.. Zana, Salmi, Rina, Fariz, Aiman. Sorry guys I made up the group name, it's like .. erm.. whatever.. hehehe..

Of course I'm disappointed for initially being offered a field trip in Argentina, then the opportunity was ripped off from me , only because of a less convincing reason. But, I just need to stand up and sk8 on. Life this is... and I'm entering the
27th year of mine, tomorrow.

Apr 21, 2008

Mind those tiny moves: Earth Day 2008.

When so many alarming signals but yet we still don't wake up and do something for the sake of our mother nature, then we're not deaf we're not blind,but we are fools!

I call this voting poll as a 'despair poll', as I'm accepting the fact that, we human being, is so selfish and so ignorance and so malas, to do these simple tiny moves that might have eventually changed the whole crisis of our mother earth.

If you care to vote, click on your choice and then think about this simple question: "Why?"

Thank you.

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Apr 10, 2008

Adrift. -- Blum lupo Blom

I'm still wondering what should I put down into words to say anything about my recent outdoor trip to Royal Blom Forest. I'm out of any idea nor words..

The whole 'wordless' experience is actually carried forward from Royal Blom Forest (Hutan Blom) itself. I found myself not thinking of anything when I was trekking in the virgin forest of Royal Blom -- and that was pretty unusual to me as I always find myself sunk into deep self-reflection when I'm embraced by the essence of mother nature...

..but, not this time.

This time, I only had a song in my head. 'Adrift' by Jack Johnson.

music player

... and I do know why. First of all, the whole Hutan Blom outing was a leisure one, which I'd rather call it an 'outing' than an 'adventure'. And the whole leisure concept brought back all the relaxing moments and plain chilled-out stuff that we've left behind all these days struggling in the big city like KL. Hence the song came, replacing all my serious self-reflection thoughts.

Secondly, it was of course about the boat trips we had during our stay in Royal Blom. To the matter of fact, boat trips consumed 1/3 of our time in this outing. Another two 1/3's were jungle trekking and of course resting in our campsite.

..hence the song came, I thought, because we were adrift, I thought...

..until I realized what Blom had truly offered me.

Blom offered me a song. Blom offered me what I had before, and what I've forgotten.

Since when I've lost my soundtracks and lost all my interest to soundtracks? I still remember well how each moment in my life could relate to certain beats and rhythms, but what happened then?

Blom offered me a reminder -- the soundtracks to my moments, the river, the bamboo rafting, the ultimate bamboo stick drift I made with my big brother, the afternoon nap on boat swaying by the rhythmic wave, the starry starry night, etc etc etc -- it's a wake up call to my little kid inside me..

The little kid that have been abandoned so long long ago, when I fell into the struggle to survive in the big city like KL.