Jun 25, 2007

The psychoanalysis about waterfall.

There's a psychology test which sounds like this:

You're entering a forest and finally you reached a waterfall.

Question 1: with the scale of 1 to 10 which corresponds to weak to strong, how would you rate the strength of the waterfall?

My answer: scale 9.

Question 2: what would you do once you saw the waterfall? Would you test the water depth and strength first before getting real wet? You access all the possible danger around first? You just want to get your foot wet so you just sitting on the bank? You close your eye and listen to the wonderful sound of waterfall and enjoy the relaxation? You just want to enjoy the view?

My answer: jump straight into the waterfall -- I wanna feel the strength of the water hitting on me , I wanna get my body and my mind and my soul completely mixed and messed up with the splash of water and the aroma of the nature....

OK I'll reveal the analysis later, pick your answer if you care/dare to take part of this psycho-test. While waiting, please allow me to do some self-defense.

Azwa gave me this test to me within a week after I came back from the marvelous private waterfall hidden in Janda Baik. For sure we had damn good time having great fun in the waterfall, and when this psychoanalysis test came to me, all I could relate and imagine, was all the fun and coolness I got from the 7-8th scaled waterfall deep inside the jungle of Janda Baik.

-- My point is, giving the answer of "Scale 9" and "Jump STRAIGHT into the waterfall" perhaps were NOT my intuitive answers, which will be unfair if they are taken seriously into account to analyze my personality via this psychological test.

....why bother explaining?

Well, here is the psychoanalysis bout the waterfall: Waterfall ==> S-E-X. (OMG!!)

Question 1 -- the answer for this question should be a number that indicates degree of strength.
Analysis: The number reflects the eagerness/desire level to the subject matter. (OMG OMG!!)

Question 2 -- the answer for this question should be a response or action.
Analysis: The response or action reflects attitude or behaviour towards the subject matter. (Please, I beg you, please believe my statement of defense above...)

Please, don't pronounce a sentence on me. I mean, if you happened to be with us having great fun time in the waterfall we had in JandaBaik, your answer will be equal or maybe more than mine. Trust me.

I rest my case.

Jun 17, 2007

Rise Up, O Flame.

Special note to Shuttersyndicate: thank you for your photo-editing tutorial dropped in my previous post. I really appreciate and feel so much honored to have the attention of a snappy "Sifu" like you to my lousy works of photography. Thank you.

.. ... and to you all guys, receiving, I wouldn't say 'tremendous', but positive feedback from y'all regarding my pictures and my recent outing really hyped me up.

-- Hyped-up here simply means too excited, and...

N-E-R-V-O-U-S .

.. cuz I'm going to show you pictures that I DON'T think it'll be any TYPICAL 'nice piece of works' to most of you, but I can shamelessly tell you that they are my favourite shoots during my Janda Baik camping as I've been dreaming of capturing these movie-scene-like shoots since I learnt photography.

.. because campfire, is my favourite moment during the camping, I mean, every camping I've been to.

.. but who wouldn't claim campfire is their favourite in a camping? My point is, if you like camping, then you'll LOVE campfire --raise your both hands and say 'HEY-HEY' if you agree!

Sitting around the campfire and sharing our stories, singing our songs, or maybe just sitting quietly, letting all be still, listening to the sounds of the night, the whispers of the forest, the hum of insects and the crackle of the fire -- it is such a peaceful and relaxing moment. No wonder they call the circle formed around a campfire a 'ring' -- there's a very sense-making explanation behind it--

A ring. A bond.

Of friendship, of brotherhood, and also a bond between human beings and mother nature.

... and personally, the campfire in Janda Baik reminded me of every blackout nights during my childhood. Huhu I think I'm getting sentimental here...

Gotta share with y'all a song. The lyric goes like this:

Rise up, O Flame
By thy lights glowing
Show to us beauty
vision and joy.

Well to be very frank I don't know how to sing this song, but it's a song sung during campfire obviously. I like the wordings as it describes perfectly how I feel about campfire: the beauty, the vision, and the joy.

Jun 10, 2007

Another celebration

If my last nature outing at Mt. Ophir or Gunung Ledang was to celebrate my 26th birthday, then a camping in the forest of Janda Baik, Pahang last weekend was another celebration for me.

..on what occasion?

Well, I would say it was in celebration of the end of my fiiiiinaaaaaaaaaaal exam paper after 1 year of struggling for the balance between "Study hard" and "Play harder" in this MSc. programme.

--- yeah, you bet, the wonderful perfect timing went in a way similar to "you huffed and puffed over n km of cross-country race and finally arrived the finishing line and there's a full body massage SPA awaits you RIGHT in front."

Lame metaphor, I know, but the idea is there, as what Fariz stated in his mail:

"It's good way to release all that steam from the study and exam."..

So there we were, 9 of us, deep into the forest of Janda Baik, set up our camp site just beside a private and secluded plus SPLENDID water fall..

---- see that? this is what I meant by 'CELEBRATION': private and secluded -- it was a complete ESCAPE experience: escape from the hectic metropolis, escape from the boring daily routine, escape from exams and notes, escape from the stiff materialism.

Celebrate escapism, celebrate the return to mother nature.

Isn't it cool if all the occasions -- from Valentine to Graduation, even Father's Day Mother's Day Teacher's Day -- are celebrated in nature? I know that sounds a lil lame for some of my friends, but for a monkey who spent his childhood at the river bank of Sungai Kelantan, back to nature is something really evocative, and rejuvenating.

Like a monkey would never like zoo, he is only alive and kicking in the forests, his own backyard.

---Another lame metaphor, I know.

So, like most TV hosts would say at the time like this, "Don't go away, STAY TUNE," as I haven't shown you how splendid the waterfall is, and more importantly, how fun is like when you took your shower beneath the waterfall of '9th scaled' water strength, plus my favourite movie-scene like snap-shots of campfire.

Jun 3, 2007


This is not to be considered an update of my blog, this is a wake-up.

My urge of paradigm shift, awoke;

My sense of photographing, after a disappointing dump during Mt Ledang trip, awoke;

My touch of living the life that I wished for, awoke.

My sight of capturing the beauty of everything, awoke.

Thanks to the daring spirit of Linkin Park's "Minutes To Midnight", their experimental tracks squeezes creativity from me;

Thanks to the 80s' beat of Maroon 5 's "It Won't Be Soon Before Long", their funky blend of pop and 'Bee Gees' triggers happiness;

Thanks to my fellow bloggers who support my 'Relay Blogging' project. This brand new blogging project will at least become a playground to kids like us to practice creativity. To all my readers who are reading this sentence, feel free to visit the blogspot of ULAM project, and we welcome you to become 'Simon' to our story, judge as brutal as you want.

... and, BIG BIG BIG THANKS, to Fariz, Roy, Mat-Ee, Hasfuan, J-Mir, and our little three brothers Zahir, Idin and Ayin. My another back-to-nature outing in Janda Baik right after my final exam, was certainly a rejuvenating one. Surely I'm gonna blog about it.. tonz of pictures are in the process of post-editing.

To Fariz, if you're reading this, I need the pictures from your camera too.

Gotta catch some Zzz, tomorrow will be another refreshing awake.