Nov 24, 2006

Introducing... Brad.

Oh yeah my little specky dog featuring in my last entry names Wellington. Many of my readers found it cuter than his master.. duh.. those people are simply too caring to try to compare a human with a huggy animal -- THAT'S NOT FAIR -- of course human being is always uglier!

Ok now I introduce to you another heavenly CUTE huggy creature -- Brad. I bet Wellington won't like him but Brad, with his full-of-curiousity-big-eye on his little face, would xtremely love Wellington and scratch him and kiss him and hug him..

I met Brad in one wonderful morning and I believe meeting Brad made the wonderfulness fully complete the rest of my entire day. Brad names Brad just because Brad is naughty and playful. Unlike Wellington. Wellington is quiet and matured and smart.

Well I'm not going to describe how cute Brad is and how naughty he is. Obviously this entry is posted for the sake of killing time while waiting for my friends to finish their Friday Prayer, and also to grant the wish of my friends to show Brad's photos online so that they can see him and maybe kiss him thru the screen of their PC, like Brad tried to seduce me through my camera lens when posing in front of me.

Nov 16, 2006

The way you look tonight .. with a spec on..

I wouldn't say I am not used to have a pair of spectacles hanging on my nose... I just wanted to say I am not QUITE used to have a pair of created-by-Louis-Koo high-trimmed-high-price ZERO-X luxury hanging on my nose..

Well the ZeroX will be only used to, mainly and supposedly, help me filtering all the radiation coming from PC screen.. (certainly not to make me look any bit like LouisKoo..)....

...but the fact is, with this ZeroX bought, I'm gonna postpone my plan of buying a Canon EOS DSLR, cancel my will of having Chevrolet Optra5, reconsider my diving trip in Cebu Island or Sipadan -- What? How much does this ZeroX exactly cost? Hmmm, not that much actually, but it used up my budget to buy a set of dinner suit to attend my dearest sis's wedding, and the budget to get equiped for my year-end mountain climbing plan.

So? I thought I was saying something about drawing in my horns? What are those dinner suit and mountain climbing plan about? sigh.. don't tell my mum. At least don't let her knows that I'm now wearing my created-by-Louis-Koo high-trimmed-high-price in front of my Fujitsu and typing this non-sense instead of getting an early sleep.

Sigh.. don't tell my mum...

Nov 9, 2006

Defining sadness

Being irreverent is what makes me feel like being myself, sometimes.

..but sometimes else, It makes me floundered.

... ... ... ...

A kite craves for freedom, but kite knows well enough that the boy holding the string is happily having him in the hand, and kite also knows, that it is the boy who flew him high.

Kite would be happier if he is detached from the string, but kite knows that the boy will certainly cry if he lost his kite. Kite will also feel sad for sure, if the boy cries.

Kite hence chooses to keep on flying high, dances in a way that people from the ground will see and believe that kite is flying great, flying gracefully. "Nothing to be worried about," people on the ground tell the boy, boy smiles, kite cries.